Transitioning to cans


Like many others in the brewing industry, we have decided to make a gradual transition from bottling to canning for most of our beers. This will include all of our staple beers: Topas*, Marmor, Gull*, Kis, Grønnstein* and Granitt. As a result, these beers will no longer be available in glass bottles (when current stock is sold out). All our staple beers will be given fully or partially redesigned labels in new and appealing colours. This is a welcomed change that we believe will benefit both the customer and us.

One key reason for choosing aluminum cans over glass bottles, is because aluminum is far better at preserving the quality of the beer. Since the can is completely sealed, no surrounding oxygen is able to come into contact with the content. The same applies to light, which is another significant factor of influence. Aluminum also allows for more rapid cooling, it does not break like a bottle, it is easily recycled and consumed far less overall space.

Some of our beers, including Hubro Brown Ale and the non-alcoholic Kråkesølv, will continue to be exclusively bottled.

* Currently produced in bottles, expected to be produced in cans soon. All other staple beers are currently available in cans.

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