New in stores and in Vinmonopolet


Recently, we released Dreaming Skyline (4.7%), a fresh and fruity Blonde Ale that produces beautiful white foaming. It is currently available in Gulating stores nationally, in select local grocery store chains, as well as in our retail outlet store by the brewery in Kråko, Fitjar.

Two new sterkøl (beer with ABV higher than 4.7%) have been released in Vinmonopolet nationally. These are Distorted Gravity (8.0%), a creamy and tasteful New England IPA, as well as Crimson Nebula (7.0%), an exciting fruity sour beer with two times the typical amount of berries. You can easily see if these are available in your local Vinmonopol. Go to, search for the product and select «Vis butikker med varen på lager» (Show stores with this item in stock).

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