New canning machine


We at ELØ are excited about the new canning machine, Twin Monkeys’ Gunnison, which we gain access to as part of our collaboration with Heidrun Tapperi. With the help of this machine, we can significantly escalate our production of canned beer, which is invaluable as we continue our transition from bottles to cans.

The fully-automated and less operator-demanding canning station is capable of producing 30 to 35 cans per minute (cpm), meaning that our canning capacity is more than doubled. This system automates CO2 purging, filling, lid application, rinsing and expiration date printing. An accessory depalletizer table also partially automates the feed-in of cans. Our former machine in comparison, Wild Goose’s Gosling, had an output of approximately 8–10 cans per minute.

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