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'Handbryggeriet En Liten Ol'

South-west in Norway lies lush Sunnhordland, a coastal area created into a unique geological diversity of rocks and minerals, shaped over time to natural beauty of ice, water and weather. Here enjoys hard-working people their well deserved leisure time with good food and drink.

From Port Steingard in Fitjar, west in Sunnhordland, major taste sensations is created from the craft brewery ‘En Liten Ol’. Our tasty beer is created by the first-class natural ingredients and craftsmanship, at appropriate temperatures and over necessary time.

Our Beer




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Lys Ale



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Mork Lager



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Special Beer

In addition to the basic range for shops, pubs and restaurants we also producespecialty beers for season and holidays. This can also be special kinds of festivals and unique dining places.

Totally unique recipes can be developed with unique names and labels, but it can also be selected from the basic range with special labels. All our beer can be tapped both in bottles and barrels.

Beer and food

Beer and food shall complement each other.

When the beer and food are combined, the goal is to create a balance between the food and the beer. In the beer is normally not acid or tannins, so it is easier to combine beer with food than wine. Many sour and some salty dishes fits very badly with wine, but there are beers to suit all kinds of food. This encompasses everything from meat and fish dishes, cakes and desserts.

We want to highlight locally produced food in combination with beer, served in the cafe attached to the brewery. Here we would also like to surprise a bit. Should it for example be a vanilla ice-cream with bacon served with a rich stout for dessert? All of it, of course locally produced.

About Us

‘ELO’ was founded in November 2015 and is located in Fitjar municipality on the west coast of Norway. The name “En Liten Ol” alludes to all the good occasions it fits with a “small beer”.

On the quayside of the unique cabin area Port Steingard on Kraako, lies the new signal-building which was completed in March 2017. Along with the cafe attached to the brewery, this is a center for beer enthusiasts and others with interests for local food and beer. Magnificent coastal scenery and exciting architecture provides inspiration for both brewers and visitors.

Beer Store

There is an own beer store in the brewery at Kraako. Here you can buy all 4,7% ABV beers, in addition to glass and various other items.

The following opening hours apply to brewery store:
Monday-Thursday: 12:00-16:00
Friday: 12:00-18:00
Saturday: 12:00-15:00

Our beers are also available from the major store chains, and a total of approximately 100 shops on the west coast of Norway. We have a distribution agreement with Spesialgrossisten that quickly deliver to stores that may be missing all or some of the beers. This often occurs at the request of customers.

Several bars and restaurants in Sunnhordland and Bergen also have ‘ELO’ available.

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